Stuart Davis

Family vacation, Cultural tours, All inclusive, Canadian vacation, Wilderness lodge
Morice/Bulkley and content creator

Stuart holds the keys to adventure fishing travel, and is always game to take you along for the ride. Stu is a well-traveled, new-era angler with a multi-faceted skill set that elevates your time on the water to the next level. Being a professional videographer and outdoor photographer who owns and operates a web-based fly shop in the Yukon, makes Stu a man of many talents.  Each day his fresh eyes on the water will find you new, and unexplored runs overlooked by your typical angler or guide.  He has a knack for exploration.  His intuition on what type of water Steelhead will be looking for with every condition is uncanny.  Stu comes to Frontier each fall for a month,  not only to guide, but to create thoughtful conservation-based content to represent the real steelheading experience. Stu highlights the abundance of intact habit the Skeena system has, showcasing the landscape and the rivers that let wild fish do what they do. He intertwines the life of steelhead with those who care deeply about them.  A day spent on the water with Stu will remind you to never take these fish, or rivers for granted.