Oliver Massey

Morice River Lodge Guide

Ollie is an import from Vancouver Island who has found a new home in the north. His career path in the industry has been on a steep rise over the past six years, and he came highly regarded to our team from the crew at Queen Charlotte Lodge in Haida Gwaii. Since then, he has guided on the Babine River, Bulkley, and Skeena and has now settled into his groove on the Morice River Lodge for the fall. He does suffer from one ailment: His addiction to steelhead. It keeps him waist deep in the rivers from fall, through winter, and into spring. Ollie received the highest amount of compliments from our guests in 2018 and has remained an excellent addition to our team.  He is currently guiding folks on polar bear viewing tours way up north. You should feel extra safe fishing with a Polar bear guide.  Before the end of your days fishing with Oliver you will think of him as a friend. His endearing personality, hard work ethic and heightened fishy senses make him an instant lodge favourite.