Mikey McLean

Morice River Lodge manager

Mikey has been running the Morice River Lodge for the past five seasons and has rightly imprinted his personality all over the program. When you set foot at the lodge, you will immediately be swept up in a relaxing steelhead paradise. Single malt scotch, starry nights, riverside bonfires, and enough laughs to keep you far too entertained to get to bed early. After being trained on the upper Morice River by Jim Britton himself, Mikey has spent 600 days guiding up there. At this point, no man alive knows the upper Morice better than Mr. Maclean. A day spent on the mighty Mo fishing Mikey’s trademark skater patterns or the blue meanie is a highlight of all our guests’ week. Mikey’s vast knowledge of the river and its fish population is a direct link to his background in fish biology, which means that Mikey leads all guides by example with his philosophy of conservation first. He respects the resource and promotes the idea of catching a few fish and switching to dry flies or traditional patterns to challenge his anglers. It also evens out the odds for everyone fishing, as no one is sore lipping all the fish. He knows where every steelhead lies in the river. If you don’t catch a fish in one of his favourite spots, he’ll guarantee you will the following day. The word “fishy” is a weak understatement if you are fishing with the great Morice master Michael Maclean.