The Rivers

British Columbia’s Skeena river happens to get the largest returns of wild steelhead in the world, and much of the water is picture perfect for spey fishing. The Frontier Steelhead Experience follows these fish up the Skeena, into the Bulkley and Morice Rivers. These fisheries are truly the mecca for steelhead, so if you haven't already it’s time to make the pilgrimage. Frontier Steelhead Experience is what we consider to be the best steelhead opportunity for both experts and beginners alike.

Bulkley River : Largest return of wild steelhead of any of the Skeena Tribs. Primary focus for us is the Bulkley Canyons which offer very challenging jet boat access giving us the solitude and privacy we desire. The very large, hot, dry fly eating fish are the bonus.

Morice River : Our lodge on the upper Morice is jet boat access only. Each guest will spend 2 nights fishing these beats. This is the single best dry fly fishery in the world. Sight casting in pristine, crystal clear water is a daily activity (never taken for granted).

Available 'Add ons' to your Trip

Upper Skeena : Heli fish stretches of water that are completely un-fished. Pristine wilderness setting where 20lb fish are hooked nearly every trip (landed 50% of the time)

Also Babine, Damdochax, and upper Copper trips available to our guests as heli fly outs direct from your front door. We make a real point of being very accessible to the person who wants to take there first steelhead, or spey fishing trip. Our guides are all incredible instructors and knowledgeable about our fisheries. Our guides stay with you all day and weigh in as much as you would like them to throughout a day. Unlike many lodges our guides will never drop you off on a run and leave you to fend for yourself.

Our Rivers offer something for everyone

Our experience is also designed to be exceptionally diverse for the steelhead fisherman that has done it all. Our guests fish in a week what would take most anglers 3 months to do. We own and or operate lodges and camps all across the Skeena system and beyond. From the lower Skeena, to the lower and upper Bulkley, Babine and Morice rivers. We even have roving camps for those that like to get off the grid. The Frontier Steelhead Experience gives you access to all of it.

If you are an experienced steelhead angler you have either been reading about our rivers or fishing them yourself for many years. The Frontier Steelhead Experience focuses on offering the absolute best service in the industry from the moment you book until you are headed home with an enlightened smile.

We have pushed the boundaries of what your expectations should be for a steelhead trip and the rest of the lodges are trying to catch up. Our lodges work together in unison sharing rod days, guides, chefs, managers and every element of a trip. This translates to more options on the water and better service at the lodge. This is why what we offer is so much more than a run of the mill fishing lodge. It is an experience that reaches far beyond the confines of what one single lodge could offer.


We push hard during our weeks of steelheading, that means fishing upper and lower Morice River and the Bulkley Canyons. Is it too much to tackle in one week? With carefully planned logistics, we maximise time spent on the water and actually have less drive time (both boat and vehicle) than most lodges.

Very few people have had the opportunity to see the Morice and the Bulkley through the eyes of the pioneers who first started steelheading these waters; however, we have been fortunate to do just that.

Beyond this program guests can tailor new opportunities as “add ons” to their week. Heli trips to the upper Skeena, Copper, or lower Babine and even the Damdochax. Guests can come back year after year and never repeat the same trip twice.