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Travel Logistics

Frontier Farwest Fishing Lodge offers a major advantage over other lodges around the world. It is extremely easy to get here! This means more time spent fishing and less time sitting on planes. We will help you every step of the way if you book with us. Vancouver has a first class international airport that will make your connection to Smithers extremely easy and comfortable. Smithers, British Columbia is located approximately 535 miles North West of Vancouver. Hawk Air, and Air Canada Jazz offer daily flights from YVR to Smithers, with convenient arrival/departure schedules that make same day connections possible for most travelers. The short flight takes just 1hr and 35minutes!

Most of our guests like to arrive in Smithers the night before their trip starts.  If you need to overnight in Vancouver on the way in or out of our lodge, our guests really love this hotel which is literally right in the airport and they do a wonderful job.


The only sound proofed, luxury hotel and spa within the Vancouver International Airport, no shuttle is required. If you want to venture out into the city there is a very convenient subway system called the skytrain that works great.  Most of our guests like to subway into Yaletown for a nice meal.  Its a great part of town, very upscale.

If you chose to arrive into Smithers the night before your trip begins (recommended by us) you will arrive around 7:30pm.  Just call your hotel in Smithers for a free shuttle.  Most of our guests like to stay at the

Storks Nest Inn  1-877-647-3831

You can expect us to be picking you up at 10am the following day for your adventure.

Space at Frontier Lodge is very limited for the short 10 week season and advance reservations are a must. If you are interested in joining us on the Bulkley River for an all inclusive 7night 6 day fishing package, or perhaps one of our shorter 4 day float trip packages, give us a call. Paradise is not lost. Come to Frontier Farwest Steelhead lodge to write your own big fish stories. The only thing we enjoy more than talking about steelhead fishing is doing it!

See you on the Water!