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We furnish all rods, reels, and flies for your trip. For those that wish to bring their own tackle, we will send you a detailed list of what you'll need. We suggest you bring Gore-Tex type chest waders.

You will never find tired, broken down, or worn out equipment. We value you and your fishing experience too much to allow for any such shortcoming.

Reels: Choosing a reel is mostly matter of personal preference. A spey reel does need the capacity to hold the line and the ability to balance the rod. A reel too light makes a spey rod “tip heavy” and vice-versa. Balance is key.

Lines: Rio introduced and started the Skagit line craze a few years ago. We use and endorse them for fishing the Bulkley. For floating lines, we recommend Rio's AFS Shooting Head Spey lines. They are the smoothest casting floating lines available on the market today. Right out of the box, the AFS lines perform flawlessly when fished with a long leader or mini sink-tip.

If you are only going to get one line just get the skagit and buy all the necessary tips. You can get the Skagit 600 grain body by itselft. Than buy the tips separately. You will want to buy these tips - type 3, type 6, type 8, and a floating tip. If you are very serious about fishing a floating line, and grease lining or dry fly fishing and don't mind the extra gear get the Rio AFS line as well.

This is the rod/line recommendations

  • Rod Z-Axis 8129
  • Length: 12' 9"
  • Lines: Skagit 600, AFS Shooting Head 8/9 (520)
  • Cheater: not necessary
  • Tip Length: 10-15'
  • This rod is a work horse on the Bulkley. Whatever you need, this will get it done, there is no fly to big or too heavy, and it casts with little effort.

Reel Matches: Sage 6112 , Saracione 3 3/4W, Tibor Riptide, Nautilus 12, Ross CLA 6, Ross Momentum 6. All of these work great

To simplify if you are starting from scratch and you just want a list to bring to your local fly shop, print this.

  1. 8129-4 Z-AXIS Length: 12' 9" Line: 8 Pieces: 4
  2. AFS 8/9, Skagit 600 w/out Cheater.
  3. Sinking Tip: 15' 150-grain type 3, 6, & 8
  4. Reel Matches: Sage 6112 , Saracione 3 3/4W, Tibor Riptide, Nautilus 12, Ross CLA 6, Ross Momentum 6.