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Bulkley Flies

Good dry patterns range in size from 2 through 8, and the emphasis is on the fly’s ability to wake, rather than on any specific colors. We like the bulkley mouse, however any high floating bug that leaves a wake will work. For grease lining, any traditional wet-fly patterns such as the Green-Butted Skunk tend to work best.

When its time to get down and dirty many people like to use a sink tip with a big and bright fly. If you get a grab but come up empty handed, replace the fly with a smaller, less colorful pattern.

Use large patterns that have a lot of movement in the water. A big, dark silhouette works best in cloudy water. Smaller patterns work well when water clarity is good, and brightly colored flies produce in low-light conditions. These are some Bulkley river fly patterns that work well.

Bulkley River Flies

Idylwilde flies - www.idylwilde.com

  • Morejohn's Bantam - Black & Blue
  • Blue Charm
  • Idyl's Bruiser - Black & Blue
  • Morrish's Medusa - Black & Blue
  • Hickman's Party Boy - Black
  • Fox’s sleech purple
  • Morrish's Trailer Trash - Black & Blue

Targus Fly -  www.targusfly.com

  • AB Egg-Sucking Leech
  • Articulated Multi-Leech, Black/Chartreuse Butt
  • Bead Strip Tees, Orange
  • Egg String Leech, Black
  • General Practitioner, Black
  • Olive Garden