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7 day lodge trip

Our steelhead fishing British Columbia program is based around the concept that the modern day angler wants variety in their lodge experience. Our main objective is to show our guests a true BC steelhead adventure, one they can return to year after year and still fish new water each and every time they come. The rotating beat system is not one we will ever have to implement for our guests or guides.  Guests that have come for 8 years straight are still seeing new water every year. 

In essence combined the historic and legendary fishing programs pioneered by Collin Schadrech, James Britton, and Ray Makowichuk. We aim to give our guests a taste of all three of these magnificent steelhead fishing British Columbia experiences over 1 week in the Bulkley Valley.  That means fishing upper and lower Morice River and the Bulkley Canyons. 

Is it too much to tackle in 1 week? With carefully planned logistics we maximize time spent on the water and actually have less drive time (both boat and vehicle than most lodges. A week with us will leave forever, imprinted images of what a wilderness experience is supposed to be. With attention to details, remote comfort, and a river that continuously challenges and rewards its occupants we have found the ultimate fishing experience. One that is just as rewarding for the beginner as it is for the ardent veteran.

Very few people have had the opportunity to see the Morice and the Bulkley through the eyes of the pioneers that first started steelhead fishing British Columbia on the fly, however we have been fortunate to do just that.

Here is your itinerary

Thurs - Arrive Smithers

Overnight at elected accommodations (independently arranged, not included). We recommend the Stork’s Nest Inn-250.847.3831. Please call them immediately after arrival at and have their free shuttle come pick you up for transfer to the inn.

Friday - Day 1

After a free breakfast provided by the Stork’s Nest you will be picked up at 10am from our guides. From there you will be transferred approximately 15 minutes by vehicle to the lodge. After getting settled and having an early lunch, you will head out to the river at 12:30PM for a half day of guided steelhead fishing British Columbia adventure. You will arrive back to the lodge to enjoy a nice dinner.

Saturday - Day 2

Today there is an option of a day trip on lower Morice, or fishing the canyons via jet boat, returning back to lodge for a 7:30PM dinner. Overnight in your private cabin at the main lodge.

Sunday - Day 3

You have an option here to do an overnight canyon float or do a day trip out of the main lodge.

Monday-  Day 4

If you chose an overnight float you will get home around 6:30pm for dinner. If you chose a day trip of BC salmon fishing you will do another day trip out of main lodge. You can fish any piece of water you want or just let us put on what we think will fish the best.

Tuesday - Day 5

You will depart the lodge at about 7:00AM and drive 45 minutes to the Morice River. You will be fishing by 8:00AM. while you fish you way to the lodge, the camp representative will take your bags to your cabin where they will be waiting for you when you arrive for dinner.

Wednesday - Day 6

Breakfast will be served at 7:00AM. At 7:30AM you will depart via jet boat for a full day of steelhead fishing British Columbia fun. Overnight at Morice River Lodge.

Thursday - Day 7

Breakfast will be served at 7:00AM. At 7:30AM you will depart via jet boat for a full day of steelhead fishing. While you are fishing, the camp hands will pack and move all your luggage. At 5:30PM you will be driven back to the main lodge in Smithers for dinner and overnight in your same private cabin.

Friday - Day 8

Depart by 8am for the airport