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When looking for an exciting BC steelhead fishing adventure that will be sure to bring adventure to your life, be sure to check out the three exciting packages that Bulkley Steelhead offers. The first package is our 4 day float trip, which includes which is one of the best places for BC steelhead fishing in the area. This is a four day float trip down the Bulkley River with a guided fishing host that will has extensive experience of the British Columbia waters. The next package is our 6 day Canyon trip. Our guest will enjoy an all-inclusive BC steelhead fishing experience with food, drinks and lodging included. Our last trip is the 7 day lodge trip. Each day our guests will experience a new fishing adventure at one of our popular Bulkley Steelhead spots.


Frontier Farwest and Bulkley Basecamp is offering 4 day float trips down the Bulkley River for the best British Columbia steelhead fishing!

Without question, Frontier Farwest’s guide’s and client’s favorite floats, have been on the most remote and in accessible stretches of the Bulkley. This is why FFW is proud to offer fishermen a new package allowing access to the only two overnight camps available to anglers on the entire Bulkley River!

$5,200.00 USD tax included

6 Day Fly Fishing British Columbia Trip:

Includes all meals while fishing, beer and wine at camp, and the hotel charge in between camps. Does not include meals when you are not with our guide.

$6,400.00 USD tax included

Our steelhead fishing British Columbia program is based around the concept that the modern day angler wants variety in their lodge experience. Our main objective is to show our guests a true BC steelhead adventure, one they can return to year after year and still fish new water each and every time they come. The rotating beat system is not one we will ever have to implement for our guests or guides.  Guests that have come for 8 years straight are still seeing new water every year. 

$7,000.00 USD tax included