Michael Van Deventer

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Bulkley Canyon and Bulkley Rafting specialist

If you have ever fished the rivers of Vancouver Island you have surely run into this man at one time or another.  Mike lived the steelhead bum life for many years, fishing endless hours upon endless days.  You don't get to know where steelhead hold as well as Mike without putting the time in on the water.  When he hit the key number of 10,000 hours spent fishing steelhead, he decided it was time to settle down and have a family where he spends much of his time now.   Mike made the transition that many never accomplish, he transformed from a steelhead bum to a hard-working family man with a deep passion for steelhead.  He still finds plenty of time to wander the rivers of Sasquatch country in the winter, and guide his favorite stretch of water on the Bulkley for Frontier Steelhead Experience.  Kind, calm, and gentle by nature -  quickly turns to giddy, excited, and fully jacked up every time he sees a steelhead blow up on one of his dry flies.  Expect to get some big high fives all day as Mike plays net man more often than most each day he guides.  He fishes as well as his doppelgänger hits for the Blue Jays, which is of course Bo Bichette.