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Selecting your week

Late August -Early September:

The first Bulkley steelhead are historically found in fishable numbers by the 20th of August. The majority of those early fish are destined for the Morice River and therefore move up quickly through main stem, before settling into the pools of this beautiful Bulkley River tributary. The water temperature is warm that time of year, and the fish are extremely surface oriented as a result. If you are seeking a fly fishing adventure that is dictated by floating lines and skated dry flies, late August and early September this is the time for you for the best steelhead fishing trips! Come stay at one of our fishing camps in Canada!

Mid September – Mid October:

Traditionally this is the most popular time of year to visit the Bulkley Valley.
The fish are bright, having just entered the river, and one can always anticipate great top water action! When not skating flies on the surface, anglers find themselves using a variety of different techniques. We use a combination of weighted/unweighted flies, on floating lines, and sink tips, depending on water conditions and angler preference. Our fishing camps in Canada are a great way to experience this.

Mid October- November:

The September arrivals have distributed themselves throughout system and fresh fish are continuing to pour into the river. This is the time of year when the Bulkley produces the largest steelhead of the season. Some of which exceed the 40” mark!

Early-Mid November:

November is usually characterized by cool air, the occasional snow flurry and low clear water that is loaded with Steelhead. The fair weather fishermen have reeled up and gone home, leaving endless miles of magnificent water to those brave enough to encounter a frosty November morning. This is our favorite time of year at our fishing camps in Canada, especially for the most successful steelhead fishing trips!