Leah Macdonald

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Customer service

For the Frontier Steelhead Experience, we decided it was time for a rebrand two years ago.

When a company wants to update its branding, it usually looks to traditional branding considerations such as its logo, its use of typography, and its color palette. However, this time, we realized the branding that matters to customers isn’t something that starts with a logo. Instead, it’s the style of customer service. We wanted to keep our brand in touch with what customers of all ages are looking for today. This is where Leah Macdonald stepped in and forever changed the game. The new level of customer service that Leah brought in was authentic—unscripted, unstilted, and not the cookie-cutter variety one often finds at lodges today. Leah brought with her a genuine, authentic customer experience. Her humor and wit continually catches guests off-guard, and her ability to make a real connection with staff and customers alike sets the tone for the steelhead experience we have been trying to attain.