Jimmie Pedersen

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Morice River Lodge

One of the new era, anadromous spey fishing guides. He has spent countless hours guiding and fishing Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead all over the world.  Jimmie's work ethic on the water is second to none, and throughout his career, he has focused on the overall experience of a day spent on the river fishing hallowed waters.  Catching fish, and navigating rivers came easy to Jimmie, so he spent his time mastering spey instruction, and honing his incredible natural ability with photography. After putting in years of practical study, Jimmie is now an a-claimed spey instructor and photographer, which he brings to the table each and every day with guests. His passion for time spent on the water is contagious, and an excellent reminder to not take the beauty of the landscape, and the zen of casting for granted. He shines a much-needed light on the fact that it is the overall experience of each day swinging for these magnificent fish that fills our souls.  The fish are the bonus. He truly captures his philosophies through the lens each day sending guests home with images that represent what swinging flies is all about. A day spent with Jimmie is filled with laughter, joy, and appreciation for the wonders of nature. He wants you to take something special away from each and every day while you hook the greatest fish in the world.