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Morice River Lodge

Morice River Lodge is one of the best fishing lodges Canada has to offer. We have recently taken ownership of the Morice River Lodge up in the Bulkley Headwaters. It is a beautiful lodge with individual cabins and is only accessible via jet boat. Our guests will split there week between the Morice River Lodge and our lodge on the Bulkley River.

The Morice River is the picture perfect place to skate a dry fly. It is medium sized with long, slow meandering runs, and large boulders to provide easy reads on where the steelhead lie .

The opportunity to experience the Morice is should not be missed. This river is a true wilderness experience. Our Morice river guide Ray Makowichuk has been guiding the river for 31 years.

No one on the entire Skeena drainage has ever tailed as many Steelhead caught on dry flies as our guide Ray.  Our guests rave about the opportunity to fish with a Bulkley Valley Legend.

Frontier Farwest is one of the only fishing lodges Canada offers with guided fishing days on both the Bulkley and Morice Rivers. We highly recommend taking the opportunity to fish the Morice.

A weeks trip with Fontier Farwest Steelhead Lodge offers you the the opportunity to fish 2 river camps on the Bulkley River, a day on the Morice, and many miles of exceptional water on the upper Bulkley.

While being part of the best fishing lodges Canada offers, we hope you enjoy every aspect of the nature around you and get first access to the freshest fish in the north. The first fish that enter the Bulkley are destined for the Morice river, and in 2009 we were catching Steelhead on a consistent basis by August 25th. It is a lake fed river that rarely blows out which nearly ensures you great fishable water.