Christine Hassell

Family vacation, Cultural tours, All inclusive, Canadian vacation, Wilderness lodge
Executive Assistant

Chris has worked at Frontier for 25 years, long before ownership changed hands.  When you find greatness in life, you hang on to it with all your might.  Chris has a steel trap mind for all the logistics of a steelhead trip, and has helped thousands of guests plan trips to the Bulkley Valley.  Organizational skills are impeccable and you will not find a more personable and service-oriented person at any fine travel company in the world. Christine is our secret weapon behind the scenes, and a huge part of how we make things look easy throughout the season. She has intimate knowledge of every single faucet of your trip, from flights, to hotels, and special requests, right down to knowing all the spey fishing lingo that sounds like a foreign language to anyone not in the know.  Chris is your first point of contact, and will bend the flow of time to make sure anything you need is done quickly and efficiently.  We couldn't do what we do without a superhero like Christine Hassell holding the fort, and we are sure you will greatly appreciate all the work she puts in to make your trip a success.