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FFW news

Spring is an antsy time of year for us in the Bulkley Valley.  After a pretty small snow pack year the spring is really dragging on.  The ice on the river is just letting go and the fish are counting the days until they can finally spawn and try to get the hell out of here. 

We take the next two months to stay on top of equipment maintenance.  All our boats are off to the shop, camps are sorted and organized, and all the vehicles get some well needed love. 

This year we have a lot of new things going on.  We officially are the proud new owners of many new rod days including upper Skeena and lower Skeena, and the Ecstall river.  We continue to search out exclusive rod days where we can offer our clients a remote wilderness experience with very limited guided pressure. 

We are currently operating three different lodges in northern BC.  www.bulkleybasecamp.com is our north coast salmon safari.  We have 3 different coastal camps where you can swing flies for fresh tidal king salmon.  We also have weeks where you can catch kings, and fresh steelhead shortly after they enter freshwater. 

In the winter we are on Haida Gwaii, fishing the Yakoun river and other small coastal rainforest streams for tide fresh steelhead www.copperbaylodge.com  If you dream of solitude on a river holding good populations of fish we highly recommend this trip.

If you have been looking for more of our posts check out our new blog site at www.epicflyfishing.com  Here you will find rants, fishing tips, comical pontifications, and conservation issues near and dear to our hearts. If you want any info on anything going on in northern BC shoot us an email, or give us a call, 1-877-846-9153.