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Bulkley steelhead season

The steelhead season is upon us and Frontier Farwest is scrambling to get everything in order for our first week of clients. Although no one likes the preseason scramble, in most cases its inevitable. Our new lodge is near completion and is going to be a pleasure to operate out of.

We think we have thought of everything but as any entrepreneur knows, things tend to pop us very quickly that need immediate attention, so we like to leave a little leeway for this type of scenario.

With 3 new guides on staff we are offering full on guide schools, with training in every facet of the operation. Our operation is built on our guide staff so our new ones will have a lot of weight to carry on there shoulders. Each one has a lifetime of experience fishing for steelhead and will bring something new to the lodge in a positive way.

Our favourite thing about bringing in new guides is to see the excitement level bursting out of there giant smiles as they learn new water to swing for steelhead.

This feeling of exuberation lies in all of us steelhead guides, but to see our new hires absorbing our fishing operation like sponges creates an excitement that is contagious.

The preseason is an amazing time to be at Frontier Farwest. Its exciting to watch all the staff get to know each other, working hard by day and enjoying fishing tales over a fire in the evenings. We take great pride in our wide variety of options we have to maximize our steelhead fishing, but this takes a lot of work to set up.

Two camps hidden deep in the Bulkley Canyons, a beautiful river front fish camp on the upper Morice, and our brand new lodge on the outskirts of Smithers.

This program pays tribute to the 3 great pioneers of the Bulkley Valley fishery, Collin Schadrech, Ray MaKowichuk and the great Jim Britton. We hope to make each of these fishing legends proud as we honor there accomplishments in fishing the same runs that they made famous.

The excitement level at Frontier Farwest is at an all time high right now, and for those of you who are coming this season, you are about to embark on a fishing experience that has never been done before.

The chefs are planning the menus, the guides setting up camps, tying flies, cleaning lines, the girls decorating brand new cabins.

The vibe is hard to describe. Being a part of this on any level is exhilarating. Everyone knows what is happening here is bigger than all of us. This is something we will all remember that we were a part of 30 years from now, and none of us are taking it for granted. We are enjoying every step of the way.