About Us

Derek Botchford and Andrea Soto would like to welcome you to the Frontier Steelhead Experience on the banks of the Bulkley River. We have been chasing fish together all over the world from Chile’s Patagonia to the spring creeks of New Zealand. Now entering our 12th season on the Bulkley we can honestly say we feel we have the best operation in the province.

Our philosophy has always been that the basis of a good operation starts with the fishing program. The experience doesn’t stop there. We now offer opportunities to heli fish the best rivers on the entire Skeena drainage. Heli fish the upper Copper river, or the lower Babine and even the upper Skeena. The Bulkley, upper Skeena and Morice Rivers are the heart of wild steelhead paradise.

Both Andrea and I are passionate about our steelhead fishing. When we took our first float down the canyon stretches on the Bulkley River we were completely enamoured. It is as remote and as beautiful as any stretch of water we have encountered anywhere in the world. Over the past decade we have expanded exponentially with a newly constructed lodge on the Bulkley and our winter steelhead program on Haida Gwaii. We are very proud to offer the top notch fishing and service that we do. When you fish with us we will assist you from start to finish with helping with every detail that goes into planning a trip. We don't believe in absentee ownership as we work in every single aspect of the business.

The next crucial ingredient to a successful lodge is the service it provides. We strive to create the best experience possible for our guests and with close to 100% rebooking stats our model is a proven success. In fact the lodges we have worked at over the past 20 years have always maintained a loyal clientele. We are extremely detail oriented, and will make your experience here with us one that will never be forgotten.

Creating a steelhead experience that brings guests back year after year is at the forefront of every single decision we make. From the moment you book with us until the time you leave, we will do everything we can to make your trip exactly what you desire it to be. We can guarantee that when fishing with us you will never have to deal with large egos, or arrogant personalities. Instead you will have to deal with friendly attitudes, an extremely hard work ethic, and perfect portions of gourmet food.

Andrea maintains an extremely clean and organized lodge. She ensures that each meal is well thought out and prepared with care and detail. Her joy, and exuberance for life is contagious. We truly take pride in our operation and look forward to hosting your week at Frontier Steelhead Experience.

Our exceptional resource, deluxe lodge accommodations, knowledgeable team, and philosophy that the trip is about you - the customer, will result in a truly special B.C angling adventure.